Review to prepare for a sponsorship funding opportunity after successful completion or while enrolled in the program.

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Sponsorship Funding readiness is a distinguishable category for worthy non-profit entrepreneurs in the Ultimate Philanthropy tracks. A non-profit entrepreneur cannot receive a financial investment. They can receive funds as working capital if they achieve their business goals. Non-profit entrepreneurs can secure a sponsorship through either the Conceptual or Fast Track process. An entrepreneur receives this designation when he or she has met the following conditions:/span>

  • Business is ready for conceptual, pre-seed, seed, or startup
  • Business has a solid team in place to operate
  • Business has achieved a small, incremental, or steady growth in revenue
  • Business has a clear roadmap (business plan) to achieve its stated vision and mission
  • Business has demonstrated potential to achieve its stated project goal as measured by actual business outcomes and results
  • Business has demonstrated potential to achieve its stated social impact goal as measured by actual social outcomes and results
  • Business has demonstrated potential to operate efficiently and effectively from achieving its stated financial or revenue goal as measured by actual annual revenue, expenses, and profit*

Sponsorship Funding requires a MENTOR Professional or MENTOR Small Business membership in the leadership community. The Sponsorship Funding candidate must complete the Sponsorship Funding Process to receive a sponsorship funds.

Sponsorship Funding Process

The entrepreneur and his or her team must minimize any gaps in the business plan. They must ensure that appropriate operations and social impact metrics are in place to grow the business revenue and be sustainable within the business model. A Sponsorship Funding assessment requires a complete and thorough review of the categories defined and will include:

  • Business Goals Evaluation Check
  • Sponsor Pitch (deck, full plan, funding purpose and use, business infusion)
  • Financial Documents Check (P&L, Balance Sheet, Tax Returns, Bank Statements)
  • Sponsor Agreements (sponsor incentive plan agreement)

Note: Items 1-3 in the list above must be in place and validated by Shinshuri Foundation before item 4 and a formal sponsorship funding transaction can be secured with the business candidate.