Week 1: Identify

Week 1: Objectives

  • Gather ideas to formulate business concept to address identified need
  • Select business idea/concept to work on as a team
  • Research subject areas for each business idea/concept defined
  • Write vision, mission, and purpose statement for business idea
  • Write strategic goals and objectives
  • Develop executive summary of idea/concept
Week 2: Plan

Week 2: Objectives

  • Define strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Define operational functions of the business
  • Define business goals and objectives
  • Define business marketing and sales plan
  • Define pricing models for products and services
  • Define financial and philanthropic business measures and targets
Week 3: Develop

Week 3: Objectives

  • Develop brands, products, services, and programs
  • Develop marketing and sales plans
  • Develop business capability model
Week 4: Launch

Week 4: Launch

  • Define 5-year financial plan
  • Define first year operating budgets
  • Write business operations plan
  • Write business plan
Week 5: Report

Week 5: Objectives

  • Write financial report from launch of tactical business operation
  • Define private investment options for investors