Exemplary Leadership Actions

Step 1: Apply to the program

Submit the $50 non-refundable application fee, online application, and 2-minute fast pitch video to get started.

Step 2: Orient yourself and get ready

Once you submit your application, you will be notified by email of the orientation date. During orientation you will learn more about program requirements, complete your Philanthropic Business Prospectus,  complete the readiness inventories, and select team members.

1. Prepare Philanthropic Business Prospectus
2. Build Your Leadership Team
3. Complete the Business Philanthropy Leadership (BPL) Readiness Inventory

Step 3: Present your philanthropic business concept

Work with your team to complete pre-work activities for the Panel Interview. During the panel interview the team will present the philanthropic business concept to demonstrate the current state of the business and how it will achieve its social and financial goals. Each team must complete the following pre-work.

1. Prepare a 15-minute presentation with PowerPoint slides (10-slides maximum)
2. Prepare executive summary (1-page)
3. Gather résumé(s) (2-pages maximum)
4. Submit, presentation, executive summary, and team member resumes for review
5. Schedule panel interview

Step 4: Enroll in the program

After the panel interview each team will receive an evaluation summary with feedback on their business concept with recommendations, areas to focus and refine during the program. Team are guided to focus on accomplishing the strategic goals and targets they set out to accomplish along with the program targets set to yield tangible results. Each  team member must register to take the program and prepare for the first week of program class sessions.

1. Register to be a Business Philanthropy Member on the SHINSHURI Leadership portal
2. Enroll to take the Business Philanthropy Leadership program
3. Complete the Business Philanthropy Overview eCourses prior to the first day of the leadership program
4. Sign a Participation and Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality agreement

Step 5: Co-create with your team and others in the leadership community

Active collaborative participation online and offline with your team and others in the leadership portal is critical to your team’s success. The program is  discovery based. This means you must collaborate and share to identify the resources, overcome challenges, and work together to structure, plan, develop, and implement a solution to yield sustainable results.

Step 6: Report your results to get funded

The goal is generate the results your team has set out to accomplish to show the value and benefits of a viable philanthropic business. By tracking and measuring the results of their efforts, successful teams who accomplish their strategic goals and generate impressive social and financial results earn an opportunity to pitch their philanthropic business results to potential investors, sponsors, and donors.