Hi, I am Dr. Shinshuri. I am founder and CEO of Shinshuri Foundation. I am a Business Philanthropist. Philanthropy is my business!

I created MENTOR Leadership™ program to help social entrepreneurs learn how to start, develop, transform, and convert a non-profit or for-profit into a self-sustaining and profitable philanthropic business.

It can also be used to accelerate the launch of a new product, program, service, or project.

  • Company: Shinshuri Foundation
  • Title: Founder/CEO
  • Founded: 2014
  • Vision: Empowering humans to achieve their goals individually and collectively.
  • Mission: To deliver quality affordable services, products, and educational solutions that empower individuals and businesses to grow and thrive.
  • Business Model: Lotus Model
  • BP Structure: 3-Tier Multiple Structure
  • Brands: Oracles of Truth Academy, Pedageo Media, Nienté, Cosmic Vibe, Abrío Events, IPA Research, Mentor Chamber Network
  • Intellectual Properties: Business Philanthropy™, RITMO™ Experience, FlexLearn™, Zero Debt™, Pedageonline™, OLC Portal™, Shinshuri™ Leadership Portal, IPA™ Method, Ultimate Philanthropy™