Get answers to your questions by perusing the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question that is not contained in our list below. Send your inquiry directly to us using the contact form and a member of our leadership team will respond within 24-48 hours.

What is the deadline to apply for the pilot version of the program?

The deadline for the pilot program ends September 6, 2016.

When will the program actually begin?

The program will begin on September 6, 2016.

How long is the program?

This program is one-yearfive sessions implemented over a 90-day period. There are four phases, which include:

  • Phase 1: Pre-Work
    • Apply
    • Orient
    • Present
    • Enroll
  • Phase 2: Execute and Measure
    • Identify
    • Plan
    • Develop
    • Launch
  • Phase 3: Report and Present
  • Phase 4: Full Replication
  • Phase 5: Investor Relations
Why is the $50 application fee non-refundable?

The $50 application fee covers administrative costs to review applications and conduct panel interviews.

Will the $50 application fee be applied to the cost of the program?

No. The application fee is non-refundable and used for administrative costs. Application fee can be deducted from program costs if application chooses to enroll for the Business Philanthropy Leadership program.

Will there be any additional costs beyond the Application and Program Fees?

Yes. For this program to have full implementation, application, and  success you should plan for additional marketing, branding, product development, structural, legal, and administrative expenses. The amount of your financial investment should be tempered by the requirements to produce a profit in 90-days.

What do I have to do to be considered for the Business Philanthropy Leadership Program?
  1. Pay the non-refundable $50 application fee and submit the online application.
  2. Attend Program Orientation (schedule panel interview date, Sign Participation and NDA Agreements, Select and Assign Team Members)
  3. Complete Team Pre-Work requirements
  4. Complete Panel Interview
  5. Register and pay program fees. (Note: Every team member must register and pay the program fees)
Do I have to work with/in a team to participate in the program?

Yes. First and foremost, this program was designed to lead to rapid development, launch and success of a philanthropic business (social purpose corporation). Second, the program is about creating and launching more socially beneficial enterprises to thrive in the world market. To accomplish a socially beneficial mission one must be willing to expand beyond the individual in to the larger community and world.

Can I or the team apply again if we are unable to meet the minimum defined goals of the program?

Yes. You have the opportunity to apply to complete the Business Philanthropy Leadership program during the next application and review cycle. You can submit as many times as you wish. A $50 application fee will be required each time you apply.

What are the benefits of registering and completing this program?
  • Weekly 90-minute business develolpment strategy sessions with Dr. Shinshuri
  • Each cohort meets weekly with Dr. Shinshuri to show progress
  • Online cohort leadership portal
  • Program scaffolding and business development (e.g. visual samples and resources)
  • Access to digital resource library
  • Innovative, focused business structure
  • Access to online leadership and professional development courses
  • One-on-One coaching and mentoring available after completion of program
  • Six months of additional support, administrative, technology, coaching, and business services totaling approximately $5,000 per business candidate
  • An opportunity to pitch in front of prequalified investors, after successful completion of program
What are the program objectives?

All registered participants have the ability to:

  • Work with a team of professionals to build and launch a self-sustaining business operation through true collaboration
  • Write a philanthropic business plan complete with a strategic plan, marketing and sales plan, develop intellectual properties and service offerings, financial projections, report, and exit strategy
  • Execute one strategic business goal from your plan to generate profits and demonstrate sustainability of the philanthropic business
  • Earn an opportunity to receive exposure, visibility, and investment funding based on the success and viability of the philanthropic business
What is the difference between the Business Philanthropy Leadership program and the Business Philanthropist show.

The Business Philanthropy Leadership Program is five sessions implemented over a 90-day period. It offers participants a discovery based learning experience. A team of entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and inventors work together to formulate, develop, and replicate individualized tools, products, services, and programs to build a sustainable philanthropic business in the community. This is an advanced business boot camp experience designed to lead to viable and successful philanthropic businesses.

The Business Philanthropist Show is participation of several pre-selected teams in the Business Philanthropy Leadership program delivered as a reality television show. It offers a team of professionals an opportunity to showcase their social mission and philanthropic business idea to a larger audience. To gain visibility and financing upon successful launch and generation of real sustainable outcomes. The intent is to provide support to those budding philanthropic business ideas to lead them through to real tangible financial opportunities based on their ability to demonstrate a short-term financial return and social benefit of their business idea/concept. This is NOT a competition!

Does the team have to participate on the TV Show?

No. You and your team must qualify to be in the show. Qualification includes successfully passing the panel interview. It also includes you and your team’s acceptance to be filmed as a part of the entire process. This includes filming of the panel interview with the judges.

How long is the Business Philanthropist show?

The show is a pilot. The intent is to expand the show idea and concept for regular seasonal programming and viewing on a major television network.

Will the price for the program always be the same?

No. The current price is an introductory offer. The price is subject to change at anytime without notice.

What types of social mission ideas are you seeking?

You may submit a social mission for one of the following categories:

Arts & Entertainment
Can I submit more than one application?

No. You may only submit one application per open enrollment cycle.

If I already have a team of people I want to work with for my social mission can they participate with me in the program?

Yes. Each of your team members must pay for the cost of the program to participate. The $50 application fee is required per team.

Can I submit for more than one role?

No. You may only carry one role on the project the person submitting the social mission idea or invention is the team leader. He or she will be assigned to work with other team members who have also applied to the program. Team member placement will be based on each person’s preferred social mission category in the order they have elected.

What is the composition of each team? (e.g. roles, groups, and structural layout)

Every team consists of five professionals, with expertise and knowledge in Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Technology. The person who submitted their business idea/concept as a social mission is the Team Lead. Other team members are supportive members who have a similar or strong interest in the social mission. Each team members must possess expertise in one of the five roles defined.

Will my ideas and intellectual information/properties be protected during the program if I am sharing my ideas, concepts, and intellectual information/properties with people I don't really know?

Everyone must sign a Participant Agreement and Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement to participate in this program. The Participant Agreement is to ensure that each participant understands the requirements and benefits for being in the program. The NDA is to ensure that participants understand the sensitivity of any information/intellectual properties shared by themselves, others, and SHINSHURI Foundation and to provide for legal protection from the disclosure of intellectual property and information shared.