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Track two is Business Philanthropy™ (BP). In this track, entrepreneurs focus on developing a self-sustaining philanthropic business. BP is the bridge that closes the gap that exists between for-profit and non-profit business. BP focuses on true integration of for-profit and non-profit operations—a hybrid operations model. Entrepreneurs should select this track  to complete the program with a new hybrid or non-profit tax structure (e.g. B-Corp, SP-Corp, L3C, 501(c)(3)).

Phase 1: 90-day Sprint

  • BP Orientation
  • BP Operations: Financial Planning
  • BP Operations: Financial Projections
  • BP Planning
  • BP Capability Modeling
  • BP Entities, Tiers, Structures, Models
  • BP Legal Considerations
  • BP Operations: Marketing & Sales
  • BP Operations: Gov’t Contracting
  • BP Investment Planning
  • BP Performance Monitoring
  • BP Practice Pitch (Day 1 & 2)

Phase 2: Pace to Success

  • Identify — Day 120
  • Plan — Day 180
  • Develop — Day 275
  • Launch — Day 180-365
  • Investment Pitch — Day 365