Business Philanthropy Leadership Program

sprint to validate. pace to sustainability.


A leadership program designed to help social entrepreneurs learn how to start, develop, transform, and convert a non-profit or for-profit into a self-sustaining and profitable philanthropic business rooted in selfless service. It can also be used to accelerate the launch of a new product, program, service, or project.

“Philanthropy is my business!”

Hi. I’m Dr. Shinshuri. I am a Business Philanthropist.

Join me in this free live webinar and learn the secrets to start, develop, launch, or transform your non-profit organization or business into a high performing and profitable philanthropic business or accelerate the launch of a new product, program, service, or project.

Learn how you can generate sustainable revenue and profits by giving, serving, and helping others to succeed.

You can be a Business Philanthropist too!

Here is what you’ll learn…

eModule One – Business Philanthropy Overview

In this eModule, we’re going to cover the fundamentals of business philanthropy that’s deeply enlightening, transformational, and provides a solid foundation for your success!

We’ll dive into the details to help you:

  • Define business philanthropy and explain the differences, similarities, and value of integrated for-profit and non-profit approach to generate sustainable income and profits.
  • Explain the importance of business philanthropy and the benefits associated with using a philanthropic approach to conduct business.
  • Identify multiple hybrid corporate tax structures the functions, purpose, and legislation of each.
  • Integrate business philanthropy into your non-profit or business–a sure fire strategy with lightning bolt success that gives you leverage and power to sustain and capitalize through your philanthropic vision, mission, and activities.
  • …and so much more!

This eModule introduces the fundamentals of Business Philanthropy including traditional and hybrid corporate tax structures and the principles of personal and business leadership. You will learn to recognize the differences between for-profit and non-profit business and how the strength of each can be combined to support sustain social enterprise.

eClass One – 90-day Sprint Training

In this 90-day live eClass, we’re going to focus on the initial actions every social entrepreneur must take to build a success enterprise. You will understand how social enterprise development is a byproduct of non-profit and for-profit activities.

We’re going to explore:

  • Readiness Assessments – Track progress and measure your performance to set a baseline and plan for regular assessment checkpoints.
  • BP Structures – Quickly identify business philanthropy structure selection to operations.
  • BP Planning – Develop a  and team selection.
  • BP Legal Considerations
  • BP Capability
  • Intellectual Property
  • Collateral Pricing
  • Operations
  • Financial Projections
  • Investment Plan
  • Launch Presentation
  • and so much more!

This eClass introduces Business Philanthropy practices and activities entrepreneurs need to build a social enterprise. Learn the detailed process used to successfully plan, assemble, and organize goals, objectives, and leadership actions to create, build, and prove a business concept leading to a successful philanthropic business operation.

eModule Two – Business Philanthropy Leadership

In this eModule, we’re going to cover leadership readiness to ensure social entrepreneurs monitor and track their progress through the program to ensure maximum success by gathering leadership and business data at various milestones throughout the program to help you augment and align the leadership road map.

We’ll dive into the details to help you:

  • Complete a self-rater assessment of your personal and business philanthropy leadership capabilities.
  • Review the the various components of personal transformation and business philanthropy leadership.
  • Explain the self-rater assessment scale and rating categories.
  • …and so much more!

eClass Two – Pace to Success Marathon

In this eClass, we’re going to introduce the tools, templates, documentation, and social learning resources you need to  effectively identify your value proposition and opportunities; develop one or more intellectual properties, launch the business, and measure and track results to yield positive results for your social purpose or cause and achieve a financial return.

We’ll dive into the details to help you apply the :

  • Identification Documents
  • Planning Documents
  • Development Document
  • Launch Documentation
  • …and so much more!

This eClass focuses on business philanthropy implementation. Earn an opportunity to pitch your idea to a group of angel investors to go after and secure funding for your social enterprise.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Readiness Assessments – a fabulous resource to gauge your leadership progress through the program.
  • BP Models & Templates – a MUST have definition and selection tool to setup your philanthropic business.
  • Business Planning Templates & Samples  – priceless tool that can save you hours in planning and assembling your team!
  • Sweat Equity Templates – a great tool that keeps you on top of how much equity share your team accrues from their work efforts.
  • Legal Agreements & Letters – everything you need to protect your investment, solidify partnerships, shareholders, and conduct business.
  • Business Capability Template & Examples – a enterprise design tool to define and organize business capabilities.
  • Financial Worksheets & Samples – a fabulous set of tools for pricing and managing your business (e.g. pricing, operating costs, and budgeting).
  • 90-day Sprint Timeline – a handy little fact sheet to track your progress through the live eClass.
  • Pace to Success Road Map – lays out exactly what you need to do and in what order during ENDURANCE training.
  • Pitch Deck Templates –a tool to help you with creating the perfect pitch to share with angel investors or investment bankers.

Don’t Miss These Killer Bonuses

If you act NOW and be one of the first 75 folks to register from the webinar and join the next cohort, you’ll receive my Business Philanthropist Legal Starter Kit – for FREE – which you can take and get customized for your business!

I’m also giving you a copy of the Business Philanthropist Marketers Resource Guide to help you market, promote, and raise funds for your philanthropic business. Plus one free social media campaign to promote one product, program, service, or brand for your philanthropic business.

Even crazier, I am including a one-year membership to the African American Chamber of Commerce of San Joaquin to gain access to other great benefits and opportunities for your philanthropic business!


Dr. Shinshuri, How Will You Deliver the Virtual Program

  • I’ve always had a desire to start a business to help foster children find a permanent home, which I thought was impossible for me to do. Business Philanthropy (BP) inspired me to take action. Working with Dr. Shinshuri in this program, I formed FOCUS Foundation. Through this program, I took my small idea and turned it into an extraordinary philanthropic business to serve under-served youth in the community. This program is phenomenal. The most empowering experience for me was in attending an event with Dr. Shinshuri where I got to witness entrepreneurs pitch to angel investors, I met a panel of early stage angel investors and got my questions answered. That was powerful. I have assembled my leadership team and we are using BP services (e.g. marketing, branding, web development, etc.) to launch our first youth service program. These tools are enabling me to promote and grow my philanthropic business. FOCUS Foundation is coming and we are coming strong!

    LaTasha Armstrong, Founder
    LaTasha Armstrong, Founder Focus Foundation

When you sign up for the program, you will receive:

  • Two eCourses (one eModule and one eClass per eCourse), which you can complete the eModules at anytime.
  • 90-day Sprint Training eClass sessions to jump start your philanthropic business launch. (Includes twelve 90-minute weekly strategy sessions with Dr. Shinshuri. All recorded in case you miss one)
  • 275-day Pace to Success endurance training to help you successfully launch your philanthropic business.
  • One-year access to the Business Philanthropist social learning community where you can collaborate and share ah-ha’s, resources, ideas, and inspirations–and get answers to your questions from Dr. Shinshuri or the leadership team.
  • All our crazy bonuses, proprietary tools, templates, forms, and worksheets.
  • Live coaching calls with alternate times to accommodate different time zones (recorded sessions that can be accessed anytime).
  • Access to 1×1 coaching sessions with Dr. Shinshuri or the leadership team.
  • Access to additional Business Philanthropy entrepreneur services (e.g. brand design, web design, administrative, technology development, social media marketing).
  • An opportunity to pitch to qualified angel investors and investment bankers, after successful completion of program.

Take a moment to review the value proposition of this program…

Legal Starter Kit to protect our business and start off right with legal merit. (for the first 75 folks to register from the webinar). VALUE: $500

Business Philanthropist Toolkit including readiness assessments, legal documentation, planning templates, exemplary leadership samples and more! VALUE: $2500

Business Philanthropist Marketers Resource Guide with bonus social media campaign offer. VALUE: $1500

90-days of 12 LIVE business philanthropy strategy sessions designed to give you the confidence you need to start, develop, covert, transform, and launch  your philanthropic business! VALUE: $2500

Access to Business Philanthropy services to promote and raise awareness (e.g. branding, website). VALUE: $1230

Pace to Success endurance training and continuation checkpoint milestones.

Ultimate Funding Source List — a fabulous resource that will save you HOURS (if not DAYS) of time identifying and locating financial resources to support your social purpose/cause. VALUE: priceless

One year membership to the social learning community (Shinshuri Leadership Portal), where we’ll be answering questions and helping you year round. VALUE: priceless

One year membership to the African American Chamber of Commerce of San Joaquin, where you’ll receive other great benefits, discounts, and opportunities year round for your philanthropic business. VALUE: $125

That’s a total value of $8355!

But I’m NOT going to ask $8355 for this program because I’m passionate about receiving to support my philanthropy! — and I believe you are, too, or you wouldn’t be here!

Business Philanthropist Professional

…I’m offering the program to you for only $8355 $500!



then only $125 for the next 3 months!


Business Philanthropist Small Business

…I’m offering the program to Small Businesses for only $8355 $1000



then only $250 for the next 3 months!

  • Dr. Shinshuri has created an innovative leadership portal for social entrepreneurs to integrate philanthropy into regular business. She emphasizes how philanthropy helps to build better relationships with clients; while also building support for your brand. It’s this kind of call to action that is needed and promotes employee engagement. Best of all, customers want to do business with others who share their values. The Business Philanthropy Leadership Program includes everything you need to achieve success. Lastly, your social cause is communicated through your passion for philanthropy.

    Gerald Hickman, President
    Gerald Hickman, President Leo Sensations


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Everyone here at Shinshuri Foundation is 100% committed to you starting, developing, transforming, converting, and successfully launching your philanthropic business. We know our program is the best on the market and it works. We give you 30-days to test drive the program. If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your tuition.

To be eligible for a refund, simply submit your completed homework from eModule 1 and eClass 1 (first 4 weeks) to show us that you did the work. We do this because we want committed, action-taking exemplary and philanthropic business leaders and professionals in our program and in our community!

  • Dr. Shinshuri carefully guides entrepreneurs and business owners on a progressive path to success. Business Philanthropy is a contemporary approach that highlights tried and true business methods and transactions by integrating those methods into non-profit activities. Our chamber has benefited significantly from undergoing the training. We look forward to more great business results and information.

    Brandie Spencer, President
    Brandie Spencer, President AA Chamber of Commerce SJ

Dr. Shinshuri, I have some questions…

It’s a simple and proven method to deliver rapid results using a hybrid business approach. This program is based on proprietary technology that is available only through Shinshuri Foundation. There aren’t any other programs in the market like it – period.

There are many business entrepreneur leadership programs available, but nothing focused on business infusion as a core foundation to support non-profit and for-profit dual business operations.

Absolutely NOT! To successfully start, transform, convert, or launch a philanthropic business properly and do all your planning I recommend giving yourself at least a year to plan for your launch event.

That way you can create an effective launch and sales strategy that will guarantee effective business results. In addition, you will give yourself enough time to work through the full program with a solid strategic road map and be able to learn and apply the concepts, methods, strategies, and use the tools in your business – plus track and measure performance without feeling rushed.

Absolutely! This program is ideal for both existing, new, and start up for-profit and non-profit businesses.

DON’T WORRY! This program was designed to provide support primarily to non-profit in compliance with federal and state tax laws. Detailed answers to put your mind and soul at ease will be provided in the program. For now, be reassured that it is appropriate and legal for businesses to maintain dual operations.

Sole proprietors (individuals), small businesses, non-profit, medium/large corporations are encouraged to sign up for the program. Right now there are two program rates professional and small business. Medium/large corporations should contact us directly for Corporate Pricing.

Note: We strongly recommend that all program participants assemble a strong leadership team as they progress through the program to ensure maximum success.

No problem! We know everyone has a busy schedule. The 90-day Sprint Training and Pace to Success Marathon group coaching sessions will be recorded and placed in the social learning community so you can review it at your leisure.

Of course, you’ll get the most benefit from showing up live to get your questions answered, but the material will always be available for review afterward.

No worries! These eCourses (eModules and eClasses) will be available to you for the length of the program. You have one-year access to the LIVE eClasses and coaching sessions that run all year long, which you can access on our amazing social learning platform Shinshuri Leadership Portal.

Keep in mind that the leadership portal is where you post homework and philanthropic business collateral for us and other learners in the community to comment on to help and support your learning. This is one of the most powerful aspects of our program. There are few if any online social learning communities that offer our level of one-on-one interaction, social learning, and collaboration and we’re proud that we have an innovative platform to support your learning.

If after the year is over and you want to continue with the live coaching and learning community you will have the option to join our membership program as an alumnus. Also, we’re not going anywhere and you can take your time to learn the material.  I’m not looking to stress anyone out here – after all this is about creating relaxing, transformation philanthropic businesses!

There will be 12 weekly eClass sessions where you can get in the “hot seat” and we can work one-on-one with you on your philanthropic business ideas, causes, and social purpose! Even when the program is over you’ll have the support of the Shinshuri Leadership Portal where you can ask questions and get help and ideas from each other – plus from me and my leadership team.

No one is leaving you to fend for yourself here. You also have the option to have private time with me or the leadership team to discuss and plan your philanthropic business or project (program, product, or service) if you need it – and that can be arranged at an additional cost beyond the standard coaching time included with your membership.

  • Being a philanthropist is hard work and the reason I created this program. Before putting it on the market, I had to test drive it myself. I did and Shinshuri Foundation emerged as an exemplary leader. Now, I get to live my dream and be an inspiration to you. When you tap into this program and take action to identify, plan, develop, and launch your philanthropic business. Your actions will lead to your success. I can attest to the importance of taking inspired action for yourself to achieve your goals. I am a Business Philanthropist. Philanthropy is my business!

    Dr. Shinshuri, Founder
    Dr. Shinshuri, Founder Shinshuri Foundation