The Practice Pitch is completed after the 90-day Sprint training. The practice pitch is not a formal investment pitch. It is not a guarantee of investment, rather it is a tool to help entrepreneurs prepare for an investment after the completion of Pace to Success training.

The purpose of the Practice Pitch is to provide feedback, guidance, and insight to entrepreneurs to help them refine their business plan and adjust their approach before implementation.

Social entrepreneurs are evaluated using five categories. The first four categories are scored using a weighted percentage of the Total Score in each category. The fifth category determines the investment potential of the business venture.

Evaluation Categories

  • Leadership Potential (10%)
  • Management Potential (10%)
  • Philanthropy Elements (40%)
  • Business Elements (40%)
  • Investment Potential

10 - minutes to complete per presenter

Review Evaluation Instructions in PDF format for more details.

Every question receives a Quantity (QN) Score and a Quality (QL) Score if the item exists.

QN Score

The first column measures the quantity and is a QN Score based on whether the item exists or does not exist. A numerical value of one (1) is given to an item that is present and a zero (0) if it is not present.

QL Score

A QL Score is given based on the perceived value of the item. A QL Score is only given if the item exists, which means you gave the item a one (1) in the QN Score column. To score an item based on its quality use the rating scale below.

Rating Scale

Strongly Disagree (SD)
Disagree (D)
Neutral (N)
Agree (A)
Strongly Agree (SA)
-2 -1 0 +1 +2

Example Question