Business Philanthropy Leadership (BPL) is a one-year certification program. In this program, entrepreneurs learn the principles and practices of Business Philanthropy™. The goal of the program is to help entrepreneurs successfully launch a sustainable social enterprise business focused on developing exemplary leadership actions to give, serve, and receive a financial return.

  1. Part one is a 90-day Sprint training in business philanthropy leadership principles and practices.
  2. Part two is 275-day Pace to Success Marathon focused on inspired leadership actions toward launching a profitable social enterprise business poised ready to receive investment funding or recoverable grants to further accelerate business operations.

Note: Participants can elect to combine this one-year program with a one-year leadership program to earn a 2-year associate degree in Business Philanthropy™. Interested entrepreneurs should visit Oracles of Truth Academy to apply.

Associate Degree

Application Deadline: Continuous Enrollment

Certification Training

Application Deadline: April 3, 2017


Business Philanthropy (bĭz’nĭs fĭ-lăn’thrǝ-pē) – noun

  1. An integrated business operations model that any company can use to build and generate sustainable revenue to support the development and well-being of humankind.
  2. A leadership program that offers entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and inventors an integrated discovery-based learning approach to develop and grow sustainable philanthropic businesses.
  3. A hybrid approach to operating and running a for-profit and non-profit corporation under one business entity.
  4. A simplified model to accelerate the launch of a social enterprise.